ePhoto: March 2022

Celebrating Women's Month

For us at Population Media Center, every month is Women’s Month. Every day, we are inspired by the actions and insights of women and girls around the world.

While the work ahead of us on women’s rights is immense, our work demonstrates clear progress in the here and now: women speaking confidently to their partners about family planning methods, adolescents discovering their voice to say “no” to early marriages, and fathers prioritizing education for their daughters.

Today, we’re kicking off our Women’s Month campaign demonstrating how we #BreakTheBias against women. Click on the link below to read more about our work on women’s equality around the world along with a collection of quotes from our staff on women’s rights.

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Woman carrying an infant on her back wrapped in a blanket stands next to piles of straw wrapped together. In the background stands another woman looking on with two young girls.

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