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Empowered Women Empower Their Communities

Midwives in the Western Highlands of Guatemala are on the front lines when it comes to enforcing or changing social norms related to many of the issues Population Media Center works on around the world, such as child marriage, adolescent reproductive health, and desired family size. Inspired to share their knowledge and grow engagement outside of health clinics, The Association of Midwives of the Mam Area launched their own educational radio show.

While extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter, the midwives had anxieties about scriptwriting, show production, and promotion. To ease their fears and improve the radio program, members of PMC-Guatemala hosted a two-day radio production workshop for the midwives.

By the end of the workshop, the attitudes and confidence of the midwives had changed, and a sense of empowerment had emerged within the group. “I feel more confident with everything on the show, more than I ever did before,” shared one midwife after the workshop.

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Mayan Midwives participating in the PMC training

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