ePhoto: November 2021

Entertainment to Remake Our World

Radio listener groups are precisely what you imagine. Members of the community excitedly come together, listen to episodes, discuss what they heard, and explore how they feel. The conversations traverse plot lines, cliffhangers, and what they hope characters will do (or not do)—discussing important societal obstacles and expectations in the process. Listeners engage with character-driven, culturally appropriate storylines and catalyze meaningful community conversations into measurable action.

On International Day of the Girl Child, we shared Lamrot’s inspiring story. Lamrot first connected with PMC as a member of a radio listener group and is now a community advocate against female genital mutilation, leading inspirational talks in schools. We invite you to revisit her story and learn more about how solar-powered radios, shared experiences, and community conversations change lives.

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A group of young adults sitting together on the ground pose for a group picture. Together, they make up a PMC radio listener group.

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