ePhoto: October 2021

Our Audience Knows Best

Today we’re taking you to the mountains of Nepal, where audiences have started to tune in to a new radio show, Rope Guna Fal (“You Reap What You Sow”). Acting together with UNICEF and The Kendeda Fund, PMC-Nepal’s newest production casts light on several key issues: reproductive health, child marriage, and education about parenting.

At PMC, audience feedback is coveted. This insight is an important part of what makes our shows successful. In Nepal, groups of local listeners previewed Rope Guna Fal and provided their reactions to writers and producers. Pre-test focus groups are just one part of our evaluation to make sure our stories create planet-positive impact for individuals and communities. As the broadcast continues in Nepal, our research team will follow up with audiences via text messaging, social media conversations, phone surveys, and focus groups.

Cent for cent, measure by measure, our hit shows generate community-empowering behavior change and uplift listeners around the world. With Rope Guna Fal airing in Nepal, we hope to flip the script on child marriage and inspire young women and girls to write their own life stories.

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Group of people sitting in a semi circle on the ground. Their heads tilted down writing on paper in response to questions about a radio show.

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