ePhoto: September 2020

Imagine walking more than 100 miles....for a T-shirt.

Jonas, a Kwishilya (“Over the Horizon”) listener in Zambia, walked 104 miles from his home village to the Mpika Community Radio station to pick up a T-shirt he won during a PMC live call-in contest. This journey takes four days by foot and includes passage through North Luangwa National Park, home to wild animals such as lions, elephants, and black rhinos.

When asked what motivated him to make the treacherous expedition to collect the T-shirt prize, Jonas shared that Kwishilya affected his personal life. He has witnessed many child marriages and abuse toward young women and girls as a member of the parent teacher association and this show helped him discuss these issues with community members. The twice-weekly show motivated him to grow and evolve as an individual, too – from an abusive husband to a caring partner helping enact change in his community.

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