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Meet Nellia: A Partner in Radio and Impact

Our teams collaborate with individual radio station staff to broadcast content into the homes of listeners all over the world. A lot of our audience engagement, like call-in radio shows and quizzes, is done in tandem with community radio stations. Nellia, a radio journalist in Kasama, Zambia, led audience engagement for our show Kwishilya (“Over the Horizon”) at Radio Mano. She hosted weekly call-in radio shows and a listener group in her own neighborhood.

Whether on-air or in-person, Nellia became a trusted voice in her community. She often provided information about how and where listeners could access health services, empowering people throughout the community. According to PMC-Zambia staff, she created engaged groups of confident men and women who were not shy to talk about tough topics like family planning, HIV, nutrition, and maternal health.

“Through these listener groups, I learned that men had begun taking a keen interest in supporting their spouses on health issues, particularly maternal and newborn health,” shared Nellia.

We’re excited to share that USAID has approved sequels of our two programs in Zambia, Kwishilya and Siñalamba (“Breaking the Barrier”). The two radio shows are already in development and will be on air through October 2022.

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Radio Host Nellia sitting behind a microphone in her studio.

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