2015 Thanks!

PMC wants to thank all of our donors and partners for a wonderful 2015. Here are a few stats that you won't see in our annual report!


In 2015, PMC headquarters staff:

  • drank 3,836 cups of coffee
  • visited 20 countries
  • posted 1,641 social media posts
  • had 22 all-staff meetings
  • had six board meetings
  • attended or presented at 23 conferences or workshops
  • worked 22,381 hours
  • worked with six interns

PMC gained 111 donors in 2015. In 2015, there were 15,575 views of PMC videos on YouTube and 321,265 unique visitors to the three websites maintained by PMC: www.populationmedia.org, www.populationspeakout.org, and www.population.org.

PMC also gained two new staff members in 2015 for a growth rate of 18.18%. Given the current global growth rate of 1.13%, if all things stay equal, by 2137 every man, woman, and child will work for PMC.

PMC thanks everyone for a tremendous 2015.

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