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ePhoto: May 2022

Stories from the Fight for Reproductive Freedom

ePhoto: April 2022

PMC Cast to Support Girls' Education in Nigeria

ePhoto: March 2022

Celebrating Women's Month

ePhoto: February 2022

Connecting Communities to Local Health Resources

ePhoto: January 2022

Writing the Script for Their Future

ePhoto: December 2021

A Year of Impact. A Year of Stories.

ePhoto: November 2021

Entertainment to Remake Our World

ePhoto: October 2021

Our Audience Knows Best

ePhoto: September 2021

Photos from our visit to Radio Hyualacocotla

ePhoto: August 2021

Yam Yankré: Creating Agents of Change

ePhoto: July 2021

Maisha Pakacha: A Fan Favorite 

ePhoto: June 2021

Meet Nellia: A Partner in Radio and Impact

ePhoto: May 2021

Empowered Women Empower Their Communities

ePhoto: April 2021

Powerful Change Takes Time

ePhoto: March 2021

What Rwandans Are Saying About Umurage 2

ePhoto: February 2021

Entertain. Role Model. Save Lives.

ePhoto: January 2021

Always learn from the audience, even before broadcast.

ePhoto: December 2020

Global Change, one gift at a time.

ePhoto: November 2020

Praise from the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom

ePhoto: October 2020

The strength to say "no" to child marriage.

ePhoto: September 2020

Imagine walking more than 100 miles....for a T-shirt.

ePhoto: August 2020

Happy International Breastfeeding Week!

ePhoto: July 2020

It's time to cast your vote to choose the winners of PMC's One Planet, Many People video contest!

ePhoto: June 2020

Check out our new case study, showing how our radio show Agashi positively impacted family planning while entertaining millions of people.

ePhoto: May 2020

May 5, 2020 is #GivingTuesdayNow, a global event in the face of COVID-19. Together, we heal.

ePhoto: April 2020

The finale of Vencer el Miedo ("Overcome the Fear") aired March 22nd, rated #1 nationwide by viewership!

ePhoto: March 2020

Our co-proposal is among the Top 100 in the MacArthur 100&Change competition!

ePhoto: February 2020

Explore the impact of population on the world and win a $1,000 scholarship!

ePhoto: January 2020

Congratulations to Burundi, Winners of the Country Photo Contest!

ePhoto: December 2019

#GivingTuesday: Give the Gift Felt Around the World

ePhoto: November 2019

Adiós to Toma Mi Mano: Our Hit Guatemalan Radio Show Concluded in September

ePhoto: October 2019

#ClimateStrikes: A Movement Against Collapse that Calls Out All of Us

ePhoto: September 2019

Smiling for School Time Success: How Education Improves Lives Worldwide.

ePhoto: August 2019

Tackling Tough Topics, Improving Nigerian Lives: Radio Show Jolokoto Launched July 8th.

ePhoto: July 2019

25 Years Addressing Population Growth: Impact of the ICPD's Cairo Consensus.

ePhoto: June 2019

Training for the future in Uganda.

ePhoto: May 2019

Putting Audiences at the Center of All We Do

ePhoto: April 2019

Population Media Center Earns 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

ePhoto: March 2019

Through Hard Times, We Must Persevere

ePhoto: February 2019

PMC continues to dismantle child marriage in Nepal.

ePhoto: January 2019

Population Media Center's focus on social and environmental justice exposes daunting realities, but today we look at some positive news stories from 2018. Happy new year!

ePhoto: December 2018

PMC is excited to announce the debut of Zoukoutap 3 (“To Limp”). This 156-episode series will celebrate the beautiful people of Haiti - while working to impact some of the hidden, challenging truths of Haitian culture. It will be broadcast until June 2019 on Radio Caraibes, Maik 9, Radio One and 30 provincial stations. Zoukoutap 3 is written, produced and acted in Haitian Creole - a language spoken by over 90 percent of Haitians.

ePhoto: November 2018

Listen to this poet. Feel what she says.

ePhoto: October 2018

International Day of the Girl. A day to highlight, recognize, and confront the challenges that girls face all across the world.

ePhoto: September 2018

Imagine if everyone knew how to read. Twenty percent of the world is illiterate and almost two-thirds of the illiterate are women.

ePhoto: August 2018

Writers and producers are gearing up in Haiti. And as we look at the faces of those who were impacted by the first two editions of Zoukoutap, we can't wait for the next show.

ePhoto: July 2018

The US government will pay more for an erection than protection. Viagra shouldn't trump the right to birth control and condoms! #RidiculousRight?!

ePhoto: June 2018

On June 15, Population Media Center celebrates its 20th birthday. One thing hasn't changed. Just like the day we were founded, we work for women like Samikshya.

ePhoto: May 2018

Last month, Population Media Center was part of a unique gathering of 1,200 professionals traveling to learn and share with colleagues.

ePhoto: April 2018

Marching to the beat of a different drummer gets noticed. Population Media Center doesn't only focus on how people are marching: we also focus on the beat.

ePhoto: March 2018

Population Media Center shows combine sophistication and real life. That's why launching a new show in Guatemala included top-notch emcees...and real-life goats.

ePhoto: February 2018

Population Media Center's TV and radio shows aren't only entertainment - they're steeped in behavior theory. They help people believe that change is both possible and desirable.

ePhoto: January 2018

Population Media Center's TV and radio shows are gaining recognition as valuable tools in biological conservation efforts.

ePhoto: December 2017

This December, as we celebrate the United Nation's International Day of Human Rights, Population Media Center also celebrates the power of the recording studio.

ePhoto: November 2017

PMC donors empower people around the world. The realization of human rights allows people to live healthier, more prosperous lives and improves the health and vitality of our communities.

ePhoto: October 2017

Together, we raised more than $245,000 to improve the rights of women and girls. Thank you for participating in the #GETREEL campaign.

ePhoto: September 2017

ONE WEEK from today we #GETREEL. Thank you for all you do to give women and girls the chance to pursue a better life. You help #ChangeHerStory.

ePhoto: August 2017

You know about the realities of women and girls around the world, but do your friends and family? Population Media Center wants everyone to know.

ePhoto: July 2017

"Mom is as important as dad." Population Media Center agrees and a recent meeting left us thinking about how to get mom to vote.

ePhoto: June 2017

A new book of solutions to reverse global warming says family planning and girls’ education are among the most powerful. Population Media Center agrees.

ePhoto: May 2017

Meet Dede Keita. Dede is one of more than 30 Population Media Center trainers around the world preparing successful in-country teams for PMC.

ePhoto: April 2017

What's better than dancing while learning? Population Media Center knows that it takes all kinds of activities to end cycles of violence and keep these smiles going.

ePhoto: March 2017

Population Media Center is a proud participant in International Women's Day - a joyous opportunity for people around the world to appreciate, respect, and enjoy the contributions of women and girls.

ePhoto: February 2017

At Population Media Center, our work focuses on stopping child marriage, but we also know many women and young girls need these stories to heal.

ePhoto: January 2017

Inspiration comes in many forms, but at Population Media Center, we're constantly reminded that children often help us see clearly.

ePhoto: December 2016

Take 5 minutes to watch this video. Stories have the power to change lives and create a better future.

ePhoto: November 2016

This September, Population Media Center joined thousands of people at the world's largest conservation event.

ePhoto: October 2016

At Population Media Center, we celebrated World Contraception Day last week. For us, it's a celebration of contraception as a basic human right.

ePhoto: September 2016

At Population Media Center, we research what needs to change, but we also find there's much to celebrate.

ePhoto: August 2016

Population Media Center's drama gave this four-year-old boy a way to label, and change, his dad's behavior.

ePhoto: July 2016

What draws a crowd? Population Media Center knows that if it's not entertaining, you won't create significant social change.

ePhoto: June 2016

Empowering women and girls benefits everyone. Population Media Center and the rest of the organizations gathered in Copenhagen for the Women Deliver conference couldn't agree more.

ePhoto: May 2016

Omi Thapa didn't expect his four-year-old daughter and Nepal's former president to sign the same New Year's resolution. But he did expect to help end child marriage.

ePhoto: April 2016

Excited and curious reporters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo had a lot of questions for Mathy Babaka Vangu. Mathy answered every question.

ePhoto: March 2016

Last month, PMC visited Awra Amba. In this Ethiopian village, there is gender equality, every child goes to school, and their neighbors are no longer trying to kill them.

ePhoto: February 2016

Little girls around the world should be playing and learning. Population Media Center's new drama in Nepal will help expand this reality and fight child marriage.

ePhoto: January 2016

Talks about climate change should, from the very start, include population. Population Media Center was in Paris last month highlighting how human rights help build long-term sustainability.

ePhoto: December 2015

This #GivingTuesday, Population Media Center wants you to join us.

ePhoto: November 2015

At Population Media Center, we know kids learn from their parents. When a mother understands her body, her daughters will too.

ePhoto: October 2015

500 million people live healthier lives because of Population Media Center's entertainment-education programming. When you have an approach creating positive social change on that scale, you can't keep it to yourself. You have to share it.

ePhoto: September 2015

Culture is a tricky word that can apply to vast groups of people or be specific to communities within a larger culture. Population Media Center knows that if you're going to be heard, you have to speak the language.

ePhoto: August 2015

When women become income earners, communities become safer, healthier, and happier. That's why Population Media Center works to empower women socially and economically.

ePhoto: July 2015

When there are countless valuable causes to support, why choose population? Population Media Center believes in creating the greatest possible positive change.

ePhoto: June 2015

HIV/AIDS is one of the leading killers in the world - and it's preventable. Population Media Center works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of those infected.

ePhoto: May 2015

Mothers around the world are caring for their children. Population Media Center realizes we must protect, appreciate, and care for mothers.

ePhoto: April 2015

Real social change happens in personal conversations. Inspiring people to talk is one of Population Media Center's biggest goals.

ePhoto: March 2015

It takes many people's voices to create change. Population Media Center advocates on issues to raise awareness and incite action.

ePhoto: February 2015

The truth is powerful. Population Media Center's fictional storylines and characters are created from what's real.

ePhoto: January 2015

Kids around the world are learning, laughing, and dreaming. Population Media Center wants this to be the reality for more children.

ePhoto: December 2014

Population Media Center could not do this work without the help and support of many, many people. It's people like you who change the lives of these little girls.

ePhoto: November 2014

Population Media Center serial dramas change lives by resonating with the audience, but they also change the lives of the in-country PMC staff.

ePhoto: October 2014

To empathize, you must love (and hate). Population Media Center dramas build emotional bonds with the audience.

ePhoto: September 2014

Empowering women also helps protect rivers and streams. Population Media Center works to protect the environment.

ePhoto: August 2014

How do you reach everyone? Population Media Center brings messages to communities in many ways.

ePhoto: July 2014

Every hour three more species become extinct. Population Media Center works to save habitats and save species.

ePhoto: June 2014

A story is only powerful if it's heard. Population Media Center produces programs for the most powerful medium.

ePhoto: May 2014

Population Media Center knows that every child deserves an education, including girls.

ePhoto: April 2014

Drama comes in all shapes and sizes. At Population Media Center, we also create dramas for TV.

ePhoto: March 2014

Women's empowerment benefits everyone. At Population Media Center, we work to promote gender equity.

ePhoto: February 2014

Good ideas stem from passion. At Population Media Center, we know that local inspiration creates a meaningful program.

ePhoto: January 2014

In order to communicate, you must listen. At Population Media Center, we find ourselves listening all the time.

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