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An Entertainment Organization that Changes Lives

PMC creates powerful TV and radio shows that catalyze change for individuals and societies.

PMC melds entertainment industry insight with behavior theory to create entertaining hit shows that are uniquely designed to address deeply embedded, personal and social issues. We have completed broadcast of more than 40 shows in more than 20 languages, helping more than 500 million people live healthier lives in more than 50 countries.




Because our shows impact social norms and individual behavior, we can create a feedback loop to drive sustained and dramatic change. Sometimes the social norm change and individual behavior change is made manifest by increased demand for services.

Why is PMC the best partner for social norm change, behavior change, and demand generation?


Every PMC show includes monitoring and evaluation to assess scale and depth of impact.


Huge audiences and effectively addressing multiple issues makes PMC shows cost-effective.


Life is multi-dimensional. PMC integrates multiple, interwoven issues to role model realities and tell good stories.


PMC’s intervention is reproducible and agile, working across cultures, languages, religions, and media markets.

Entertain. Role Model. Change Behavior.

What makes it a PMC show?


What is PMC’s theory of change?


How does PMC evaluate the shows?


Do PMC shows really work?

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