#OverpopulationIs Campaign

PMC knows firsthand from its 17 years of experience the power of sharing stories to effect real and lasting change. During the months of November and December, and especially on Giving Tuesday, we want you to tell your story of what overpopulation means to you, and why it matters.

Our supporters recognize that overpopulation isn’t just about our sheer numbers—it’s an issue so much bigger than crowded cities and traffic jams. Yet our culture is one dominated by consumption and growth, and discussing our unsustainable trajectory remains largely taboo. By changing the conversation, we can change attitudes: about gender roles, sex, health, the environment, and humanity’s place in the world.

#OverpopulationIs asks you to consider: What does overpopulation mean to you? What comes to mind when you think of the word overpopulation? How does overpopulation overburden the things you care about? Only by recognizing the issue can we begin to solve it.


Key Resources

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Sample Facebook Updates:

  • #OverpopulationIs why I support universal contraceptive access and education. An estimated 220 million women worldwide want safe and effective family planning methods, but lack access to information and services or the support of their husbands and communities: http://ow.ly/TM9FA
  • #OverpopulationIs a myth? It depends on which species you ask. Since 1900 the rate of species loss has increased 5300%, while human population has grown 464%. http://ow.ly/TM9LJ
  • #OverpopulationIs contributing to the worst refugee crisis our planet has seen since WWII. Conflicts over dwindling natural resources will only worsen if we do not address our unchecked growth: http://ow.ly/TM9PH
  • The link between climate change and #OverpopulationIs real: children born in the US today will add about 9,441 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the environment. http://ow.ly/TM9Ys
  • #OverpopulationIs a problem, but we are all part of the solution. Stabilizing population growth enhances human health, human rights, and means a more sustainable future for us all: http://ow.ly/TMa16


Sample Tweets:

  • #OverpopulationIs why we must eliminate cultural, informational & access barriers to contraception that 220M women face http://ow.ly/TMa5u
  • #OverpopulationIs threatening biological diversity and taking us in a 6th mass extinction event: http://ow.ly/TMabx
  • The link between climate change and #OverpopulationIs real. Choosing small families can reduce our environmental impact http://ow.ly/TMaeI
  • #OverpopulationIs a big problem, but we all are part of the solution. Curbing population growth is in our reach: http://ow.ly/TMajK


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