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For 20+ years, PMC has collaborated with like-minded organizations to deliver measurable, meaningful environmental and social change. PMC’s proven approach to transformative storytelling has helped millions of people change their lives, communities, and environments for the better.

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PMC and our partners – acting together with integrity, transparency, and the highest ethical standards – continue to deliver measurable, meaningful community empowerment through the power of popular entertainment. Program after program. Year after year.

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When you choose to work with PMC, you gain access to our tested team of social scientists, artists, and advocates who create popular entertainment to achieve your goals. We engage audiences, shift beliefs, and impact behaviors.
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Listeners of Mai Sunakhari in Nepal were 3x more likely to believe girls shold be encouraged to continue education to higher levels.
People used Planned Parenthood’s “The Check” widget on in the first month of the broadcast to explore if they needed to get tested for STDs, HIV, or pregnancy.
The estimated loyal listenership of Hεrε S’ra in Burkina Faso was 6 million people (those who listened weekly for the 1.5 years of broadcast), costing $2 U.S. per loyal listener.
Of all new visitors to partner health clinics in Nigeria referenced Jolokoto as their motivation for coming in for services.
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Combining behavior theory, media industry insight, and character-driven, culturally relevant storylines, our transformative approach empowers by entertaining. At scale. By popular demand. For global good.

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