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8 Billion Opportunities.

On November 15, 2022 humanity’s population eclipses 8 billion people. This is a moment to stop, reflect, and take action. We have more than 8 billion opportunities to address the most pressing, fundamental threats to global sustainability where it matters most — in human hearts and minds — as we inspire entire communities to recognize the social and environmental power of prioritizing health, education, and equity for all.

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What Causes Overpopulation?

In a word: inequity. Each day, human population reaches a new all-time high, driven by numerous inequities, including misinformation, lack of education, and low status of women and girls.


Why Does It Matter?

Global population is a single component of two larger, much more complex problems: the negative repercussions from social inequity and the overexploitation of the Earth — known as ecological overshoot — where the Earth cannot regenerate the natural resources used each year.


What Do We Do?

We create a more equitable, flourishing world for all people and ecosystems.

Promote Women’s Rights

Provide education, jobs, and reproductive choice to enable self-determination and global sustainability.

Copper IUD

Increase Agency to Use Contraception

Make it so where you live doesn’t impact your ability to control your fertility and determine your own future.

Promote Sustainability

Provide information to help humans thrive in balance with nature and end the overexploitation of the environment.

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Global Sustainability is a Future Destination – And a Defining Characteristic of Efforts Today

Human civilization is complex, dynamic, and constantly evolving. It also exists nested within a wonderfully complex, dynamic, co-evolving living system: the planet Earth.

Unfortunately, contemporary…

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A breakdown of the United nation’s world population prospects 2022 Report

The Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs has issued its World Population Prospects 2022. You can find the datasets…

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The Hill Publishes 8 Billion OpEd by Bill Ryerson and Kathleen Mogelgaard

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