Radio Serial Dramas

In developing countries around the world, PMC's radio dramas reach people with messages of health, human rights, and hope.

PMC produces soap operas for social change for TV, the web, or radio depending on the media market of the country and the media use of the target audience. PMC’s production experience in radio is vast because of the dominance of radio (and lack of TVs) in many of the countries where we work. All PMC radio serial dramas are produced according to PMC’s methodology, an adaption of the Sabido methodology.

After more than 15 years of producing radio serial dramas on a variety of issues, PMC has produced more than 30 radio serial dramas and has provided training and advising about how to use PMC’s methodology to assist other serial dramas for social change. The elements of PMC’s approach are vast, including hiring all local writers, producers, and actors and making sure that every serial drama is at least 70 percent entertainment.

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