Serial Drama Endline Assessment

PMC always wants to understand the impact of its serial dramas, which is why PMC conducts formative research, continuous monitoring and evaluation during broadcast, and an endline assessment post-broadcast. After the drama has finished its broadcast, PMC conducts a statistically representative random sample survey with a confidence level of 95 percent. Templates for questionnaires are drawn from the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS). To accommodate language and literacy needs of respondents, trained local surveyors (male-to-male, female-to-female) go from house to house to verbally ask the questions in the survey.

To reinforce the quantitative survey, PMC asks regular listeners to talk about the drama and how it impacted their lives. PMC has also begun offering non-verbal participatory methods for sharing how the program impacted lives, such as allowing listeners to draw or submit photographs that visually demonstrate the impact of the drama on their life.

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