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PMC's approach to implementing behavior change communications is effective and follows specific guidelines that can be imparted to other organizations.

As a global expert in behavior change communications, PMC specializes in entertainment-education. We follow a specific approach to creating long-running serial dramas, commonly called soap operas. The powerful results from PMC programs has inspired a number of organizations, including media companies, governments, and other nonprofits, to contact us for assistance.

PMC wants to empower others looking to use entertainment-education, which is why we offer:

1. PMC Trainings: PMC provides an intensive (often three weeks) training. These trainings are designed for creative and production staff for serial dramas that want to use PMC’s approach to serial dramas. These dramas must have formative research and be entering production.

2. PMC Workshops: For those looking to learn more about PMC’s approach in general terms, PMC provides workshops of various lengths to explain whichever elements of PMC’s approach are of interest: serial dramas, Whole Society Strategy, or transmedia storytelling.

3. Advising or collaboration: PMC also advises or collaborates on entertainment-education initiatives. We have been hired to help with specific components of serial drama projects. One such example would be providing oversight of the monitoring and evaluation.

Please contact PMC to learn more about any of these offerings.

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