Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia can make fiction more real, allowing audiences to engage with the storyline, and messages, in different formats.

PMC’s transmedia storytelling brings the serial drama narrative alive across multiple platforms to allow audience members to be drawn further into the fictional world, interact with characters, and learn in different ways.

Transmedia storytelling can be accomplished through old and new media, such as fictional characters having in-character social media profiles and blogs or a newspaper from the fictional setting being produced for the audience to read. Serial dramas weave together so many characters and components of life that the possibilities can be endless depending on the media usage and interests of the audience.

Although transmedia storytelling elements come in a wide array of formats, PMC has been particularly successful with transmedia storytelling in more complex media markets, such as the United States. PMC has seen tremendous results with the East Los High in-character social media profiles, video blogs (vlogs), bonus videos, and a fictional online school newspaper from the fictional high school.

Watch this video to see transmedia storytelling examples from season one of East Los High, some of which are still available on Season one transmedia storytelling included items like:

  • Ask Paulie, a where popular character Paulie answers questions
  • Ceci’s Vlog, a video blog a main character Ceci does to share what it’s like being pregnant
  • Cooking videos and recipes from Maya, a main character who shows that nutrition can taste good
  • Behind the Scenes, a sneak peak extended scenes, for audience members who want to see more East Los High

Learn more about PMC’s transmedia storytelling in our Transmedia Storytelling fact sheet.

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