TV & Web Serial Dramas

We've all heard of the "brain drain" of the TV, but TV can also be used to bring about critical thinking and behavior change.

PMC produces soap operas for social change for TV, the web, or radio depending on the media market of the country and the media use of the target audience. PMC’s TV production experience spans across popular online TV forums and traditional TV broadcasts. All PMC TV and web series are produced according to PMC’s methodology, an adaption of the Sabido methodology.

Starting in summer of 2013, Hulu began broadcasting PMC’s East Los High. Hulu offers a selection of hit TV shows, clips, and movies in the United States, as well as its own programming.

In 2012, PMC co-produced a 70-episode TV program, Último Año, with MTV Latin America that premiered on MTV Latin America in 18 countries.

PMC also provides training and advising about how to use PMC’s methodology, an adaptation of the Sabido methodology, to create effective serial dramas for social change. PMC has provided training for these TV series: The Dorm in Kyrgyzstan and A Forest Grows in Haiti.

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