Whole Society Strategy

With the long-running drama at the center, how do you reinforce the drama's themes of health and human rights and reach more people? PMC uses the Whole Society Strategy.

PMC’s Whole Society Strategy combines print, television, radio, music, and new media to reinforce serial drama themes and reach more people. Audience research identifies preferred media channels across audience segments, which can occur geographically, linguistically, culturally, or economically. PMC then creates a message and dissemination strategy across the nation or region the serial drama reaches. The Whole Society Strategy will reinforce the issues addressed in the drama.

PMC has often included media capacity building in its Whole Society Strategy, training journalists and broadcasters within the region in pro-social reporting. Other capacity building workshops have trained specific groups with communication or leadership skills to help spread personal stories and messages.

Although Whole Society Strategy elements come in a wide array of formats, PMC has been particularly successful with elements such as radio talkshows, where audience members can call-in to discuss the drama and the issues it’s addressing. Books telling the stories of real people dealing with the issues being faced in the drama have also been incredibly popular, not only empowering individuals to share their stories, but furthering dialogue and exposure to the issue among the readers.

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