Inter-regional Training: Asia

Multiple Countries

PMC conducted an inter-regional workshop on PMC's methodology for six Asian countries. The workshop took place in Manila, Philippines on May 5-9, 2003.

UNFPA asked PMC to assist Asian local FM and community radio stations address HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues through entertainment-education. The May 5 – 9, 2003 workshop on the Sabido methodology in the Philippines trained media representatives from six Asian countries, four of which PMC has had other projects in as well:

• Cambodia
• Mongolia
• Papua New Guinea
• Philippines
• Vietnam

This workshop was the second of two PMC conducted as part of the UNFPA project Strengthening Partnerships among Local FM Radio Networks and Reproductive Health Agencies on HIV/AIDS. (The first workshop took place in Africa.) The workshop included training on items like developing characters, developing storylines, quality implementation of sound effects, and some participants even took a field trip to DCHR radio studios. Participating countries presented past educational programming and proposals for future projects with PMC.

PMC has provided workshops for people interested in learning about entertainment-education, particularly long-running shows, to create entertaining media programs that impact health and human rights issues.

Making a Difference

In follow up to the workshop, PMC developed long-running social-content shows with several of the participants that had dramatic impacts. This includes the creation of original radio shows in Nepal (Mai Sari Sunakhari, Hilkor), Papua New Guinea (Nau Em Taim, Echoes of Change) and the Philippines (Sa Pagiskat Ag Arraw), along with training and advisory/collaboration projects in Vietnam.

Project Information

Title: 2003 Inter-Regional PMC Workshop in Asia
Format: PMC Workshop
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: May 5-9, 2003

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