Capacity Building Training Programs


As part of the Whole Society Strategy accompanying the Yeregebu Feteloch (“Loosen Threads”) radio serial drama in Ethiopia, PMC conducted capacity building training programs for journalists and media practitioners, religious leaders, youth group leaders, women’s group leaders, teachers, and community leaders about alcohol and substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Capacity building was an important component toward changing behavior and persuading policy and decision makers to change policies and legislation around alcohol and substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. The capacity building training programs supported the messaging of PMC’s radio serial drama Yeregebu Feteloch. Other components designed to support the messages of Yeregebu Feteloch included a radio talkshow, Finote Lesiket (“The Right Path to Success”), and the book, Azurit (“Whirlwind”), with real-life stories of victims of alcohol and substance abuse.

The capacity building program aimed to produce a critical mass of change agents at the community level equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach people in the community. More than 125 participants benefited from the capacity building training program. Some of the specific outcomes included:

Many of the journalist and media practitioner participants started producing or encouraged the production TV and radio programs addressing these issues.

Others participants created print materials and distribution strategies.

The participants from the House of Peoples’ Representatives organized a one-day orientation workshop for members of the Council of Peoples’ Representatives and employees of the Office of the Council of Peoples Representatives, reaching about 800 people with this workshop.

Title: Multi-Media Communication Campaign to Address Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Relation to HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia

Format: Whole Society Strategy – Capacity Building Training Programs

Location: Ethiopia

Language: Amharic

This project funded by

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