Climate Change Summit

United States

PMC conducted a daylong Climate Change Summit in Hollywood, Los Angeles In November 2008 to discuss how entertainment education could be used to address this urgent problem and the important role population growth plays in accelerating the climate crisis.

PMC partnered with the Writers Guild of America West, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Women in Film, and the Environmental Media Association to host the summit as part of PMC’s issues advocacy. Other attending organizations included the NBC-UNI Green Council, the CDC Task Force on Climate Change, and the Potomac Institute. It was led by Sonny Fox, PMC’s West Coast Representative and a past Chairman of the Board of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The day consisted of introductory remarks, a keynote address, and then a series of panel discussions to engage and interact with the audience.

As part of PMC’s issues advocacy, PMC provides opportunities for thoughtful discussion about how entertainment-education, particularly long-running serial dramas, can be used to enhance health and human rights issues.

Making a Difference

PMC worked with key climate change and entertainment professionals to discuss entertainment-education with climate change in mind. Population is an important part of the climate change solution, but it mandates that we improve human health and human rights around the world, but to use entertainment-education to effect change the stories must be highly entertaining.

Key presenters included:

• Jane Fleming, President, Women in Film Foundation
• Debbie Levin, Executive Director, Environmental Media Association
• John Shaffner, President, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
• Howard Frumkin, Director, National Center for Environmental Health
• Dennis McGinn, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
• David Rambo, Vice Admiral, (Ret.) U.S. Navy
• Chris Alexander, Writer/Supervising Producer, CSI
• Senior V.P. of Corporate Communications, 20th Century Fox Communications
• Neal Baer, Executive Producer, Law &Order: SVU
• William Ryerson, President, Population Media Center
• Steve Schiffman, General Manager, National Geographic Channel
• Professor Edward Maibach, Director of the Center for Climate Change Communication, George Mason University

Project Information

Title: Climate Change Summit
Format: Issues Advocacy: Climate Change and Entertainment-Education
Location: Hollywood, California, USA
Language: English
Duration: November 2008

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