The Dorm


PMC provided a PMC training for writers to support the production of Общага (“The Dorm”), a 25-episode TV serial drama, in Kyrgyzstan. This two-week training took place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from May 14 – 28, 2012.

PMC provided a two-week training in Kyrgyzstan for writers at MC2 Media, a small but popular local television production company, to create a TV serial drama that could address ethnic strife, equality, and corruption to help stabilize the country using PMC’s methodology. Общага aired in March 2013.

The objectives for the training were:

  • To introduce producers/writers to the basic notions of the entertainment-education Sabido methodology
  • To improve producers’/writers’ knowledge of the facts and issues around ethnic harmony and causes of ethnic discord in Kyrgyzstan (through exploration and discussion of formative research results)
  • To train producers/writers to use the formative research results to design characters and storylines for a television drama promoting ethnic harmony

PMC trained producers in Kyrgyzstan to help produce a drama that could impact social change. The drama, Общага, received international attention for its successful and powerful promotion of harmonious ethnic diversity.

Making a Difference

Общага received international attention for its promotion of harmonious ethnic diversity:

Project Information

Title: PMC Training for Общага (“The Dorm” in Kyrgyzstani)/Obshaga (“The Dorm” in Russian)
Format: PMC Training
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Language: English
Duration: May 14-May 28, 2012

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PMC Trainers
Kriss Barker, PMC Vice President of International Programs
Virginia Carter, PMC Board Member & PMC Trainer
Zoanne Clack, PMC Program Advisory Board Member & PMC Trainer

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