Entertainment & Public Health Summit

United States

PMC and Emory University co-sponsored an Entertainment-Public Health Summit in May 2007 to foster collaboration between entertainment and public health to get regular public health input into entertainment programs.

The Summit was part of PMC’s issues advocacy and was held in Atlanta at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and was presented in association with the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, the Harvard School of Public Health, the Writers Guild of America West, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation. PMC worked with Sonny Fox Consultants on the event.

Entertainment can be used for social good. PMC believes in bringing entertainment and public health professionals together.

Making a Difference

The Entertainment-Public Health Summit resulted in a diverse group of individuals joining forces to learn about how entertainment could benefit public health and public health could benefit entertainment.

Some of the entertainment individuals in attendance included:

• Zoanne Clack, Co-Producer and Writer for ABC’s hit series Grey’s Anatomy Cindy Popp and Tracy Melchior fromThe Bold and the Beautiful TV series
• Michelle Alban, Director, Primary Research, Telemundo
• Sonya Lockett, Vice President for Public Affairs of Black Entertainment Television
• Diana Cristina Diaz, Director, Corporate and Community Relations, Univision
• Patric Verrone, President, Writers Guild of America West

Some of the public health individuals in attendance included:

• Susan Allen, Director of the Rwanda, Zambia HIV Research Group
• Albert Bandura, Stanford Psychology Professor and originator of Social Cognitive Theory
• Kriss Barker, Vice President for International Programs for Population Media Center
• Vicki Beck, Director of Hollywood, Health and Society, Norman Lear Center, University of Southern California
• John Brooks, Director, HIV Clinical Epidemiology Team at the Centers for Disease Control
• Gary Knell, President and CEO of Sesame Workshop
• Bill Ryerson, President of Population Media Center
• Arvind Singhal, Professor of Communication Studies and Presidential Research Scholar at Ohio University

Project Information

Title: Entertainment-Public Health Summit
Format: Issue Advocacy: Behavior Change Communications
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Language: English
Duration: May 2007

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