Fistula Voices


PMC conducted Fistula Voices, a one-week training workshop in Nigeria to use the power of media and community mobilization to change attitudes and behaviors in order to prevent fistula. The workshop was conducted the last week of October 2007.

Fistula Voices trained 12 women in Nigeria who had undergone fistula repair to become community mobilizers and educators, helping them share their story with their communities. These women were able to become role models, providing hope to other women who were suffering from fistula and providing information about fistula treatment and prevention. This workshop was conducted at the same time that PMC’s Ruwan Dare radio serial drama addressed obstetric fistula, contributing to PMC’s Whole Society Strategy.

By empowering other people to share their stories and experiences, you give people within the community the opportunity to change the future of the community. That’s what PMC’s Fistula Voices did in Nigeria.

Making a Difference

As a means of evaluating effects of Fistula Voices in Nigeria, UNFPA monitored fistula prevention and treatment community mobilization efforts in each trainee’s community following the workshop. Not only was the experience incredibly powerful for the attendees, but some of the women were also able to reach beyond their community as hosts or guests for a regional radio magazine program communicating information about available services and discussing fistula prevention and repair.

Newly trained community educators have identified more than 180 fistula patients and connected more than 300 pregnant women with local health centers.

Main Issues this Drama Addresses:

Rights of Women & Girls

All issues addressed by this drama:

Project Information

Title: Fistula Voices
Format: Workshop on public speaking, media, community organization, and messaging
Location: Kano, Nigeria
Language: English with Hausa interpreters
Duration: October 29 – November 6, 2007

PMC Trainers:
Scott Connolly, PMC Director of Research
Anita Omoboya, PMC-Nigeria
Daour Wade, Africa Consultants International, Senegal
Ibrahima Sané, Africa Consultants International, Senegal
Ademola Olajide, UNFPA, was not a trainer, but attended and helped design training.

Nigeria Administrative Team:
Tony Asanganeng
Joan Jeremiah
Bello Adetokunbo


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