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Global Population Speak Out is a global grassroots initiative dedicated to engaging and educating people about the consequences of overpopulation that began in 2009 by Dr. John Feeney.

Global Population Speak Out has recruited substantial numbers of world-class scientists, academicians, opinion-leaders – and thousands of lay environmentalists and concerned citizens – to help bring international attention to the crises posed by population growth. Speak Out aims to make millions of people viscerally aware of the dangers and deprivations facing people and the planet and provide them with a way of making their concern and their voices heard. It’s an opportunity for others to speak out.

From 2015 through 2017, Speak Out partnered with the Foundation for Deep Ecology to distribute a large-format photo book that crystallizes the ecological and social tragedies of humanity’s ballooning numbers and consumption — Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot. You can watch a video recreation of the book’s opening parable, “Lord Man,” below.

Historically, Speak Out has oriented itself around a number of big events, such as its “Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk” campaign that signaled Earth surpassing the 7 billion mark in October 2011.

Speak Out is a joint-initiative of PMC and Population Institute to create an international campaign that drives change.

Making a Difference

Global Population Speak Out has achieved 896 pledges to increase awareness with a variety of actions on behalf of participants, including posting information across social media outlets, writing letters to legislators, speaking in front of groups, creating and sharing videos, establishing websites.

Project Information

Title: Global Population Speak Out (SpeakOut)
Format: Issues Advocacy: Population
Location: United States and Global
Language: English and multi-lingual
Duration: 2009 – Current

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