Igaddaa (“We Do Not Want It Anymore”) was a radio magazine that premiered in December of 2007 and aired once per week through November 2009. Seventy-four episodes of this 15-minute radio magazine were aired in the Somali language. It went on the air again from October 2011 through June 2014, airing 132 new episodes.

Igaddaa was one component of the 2007-2015 Female Genital Mutilation Whole Society Strategy effort to address female genital mutilation in Ethiopia. The series aired on the National Service Radio of Ethiopia. It was produced in the Somali Region and included short plays, interviews, storytelling, and narration. One segment, Gudayochachen (“Our Concerns”) was broadcast regularly each week while other segments were incorporated interchangeably: Endenawk (“For Our Awareness”) dealt with professional advice relating to the physiological, intellectual, and psychological development of youth; Trunet (“Having Good Values”) focused on values which are widely accepted by the community; and Misalewochachin (“Our Models”) included interviews with youth and family members who could be role models.

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What are our values as a community? PMC’s radio magazine Igaddaa used a variety of presentation formats throughout its 74 episodes to encourage conversation and analysis among people in Ethiopia.

Making a Difference

Igaddaa was able to reach a number of people with important thought-provoking questions raised by the community and exposure to health experts and other professionals who helped answer questions and address lack of information or misinformation.

Project Information

Title: Igaddaa (“We Do Not Want It Anymore”)
Format: Whole Society Strategy – Radio Magazine
Location: Ethiopia
Language: Somali
Duration: December 2007-November 2009 and October 2011-June 2014

PMC Country Staff:
Country Representative: Dr. Negussie Teffera

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