Zaren Ketegubet


In 2008, PMC published Zaren Ketegubet (“If You Become Diligent Today”). A collection of essays, the book focuses on youth mental and physical development and holds out positive role models for young people.

This book contributed to the Whole Society Strategy supporting Menta Menged (“Crossroads”) radio serial drama in Ethiopia.

Zaren Ketegubet provided an approachable and safe place for youth to read essays about their physical and mental development to understand and think about the changes with their bodies.

Making a Difference

As part of Whole Society Strategies for important health and social messages, PMC has published a total of 10 books in Ethiopia and one book about the effectiveness of using books for social change. All of these books have been distributed to the libraries of government agencies, UN organizations, professional associations, schools, and other relevant organizations.

Project Information

Title: Zaren Ketegubet (“If You Become Diligent Today”)
Format: Whole Society Strategy – Book
Location: Ethiopia
Language: Amharic
Duration: 2008

PMC Country Staff:
Country Representative: Dr. Negussie Teffera

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