Khat Vong Song


PMC provided training in PMC's methodology and other support for the production of Khat Vong Song (“Aspiration to Live”), a 100-episode radio show in Vietnam. PMC provided two PMC trainings, one in November-December 2007 and one in July of 2008, and ongoing research and promotional support.

Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the national radio broadcaster in Vietnam, asked PMC to conduct PMC trainings for VOV writers and producers to create the drama Khat Vong Song. PMC also provided oversight and advice on use of programmatic extensions, VOV’s research on the impact of the program, and coordinated media promotion for VOV, including advising on the radio show launch, partnership building, press conferences, and press releases. The show aired from March 2008 through March 2010.

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Making a Difference

Due to the drama’s huge popularity and letters requesting the program to be broadcast more frequently, Voice of Vietnam decided to broadcast Khat Vong Song on its two other stations, VOV1 and VOV3.

Project Information

Title: PMC Training and Technical Support for Khat Vong Song (“Aspiration to Live”)
Format: PMC Training and Technical Advising
Location: Vietnam
Language: Trainings/Support were conducted in English, with Vietnamese translators (provided by VOV) (Khat Vong Song aired in Vietnamese)
Duration: PMC provided two training sessions, one in November-December 2007 and one in July of 2008 (Khat Vong Song aired from March 2008-March 2010)

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