Kpala Nafie

Sierra Leone

PMC produced Kpala Nafie (“Benefits We Get From Farming”) in Sierra Leone. This 10-episode short radio serial drama aired October 2012 through November 2012 in Mende, a common language in south central Sierra Leone.

Kpala Nafie aired in Sierra Leone’s Bo District on Radio Kiss 104. Prior to creating Kpala Nafie, PMC consulted with the Agricultural Business Center board members and chiefdom authorities (Sierra Leone districts are divided into chiefdoms) about the issues and created jingles and organized radio talkshows.

As with all PMC radio serial dramas, Kpala Nafie was created using PMC’s serial drama methodology.

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PMC’s drama Kpala Nafie addressed the management of Agricultural Business Centers to share best practices.

Making a Difference

The 10-episode short radio serial drama Kpala Nafie addressed the management of Agricultural Business Centers to provide information and education to assist members with immediately understandable and applicable best practices in a short period of time.

Main Issues this Drama Addresses:

Environmental Protection

All issues addressed by this drama:

Project Information

Title: Kpala Nafie (“Benefits We Get From Farming”)
Format: Radio Serial Drama
Location: Sierra Leone’s Bo District
Language: Mende
Duration: October 2012-November 2012

Administrative Team:
Country Representative:  Vickynatu Sonia Johnson
Technical Assistant: Fatmata Dainkeh Kargbo
Finance Assistant:  Bintu Marion Koroma
Administrative Assistant:  Aminata P. Saffa
Office Assistant (Messenger): Angela Lavaly
Facilities Manager: Sylvester M. Koroma
Driver:  Hassan Marrah

Creative Team:
Producer:  Abraham Foday
Studio Technician:  Brima Thomas Davies, Lamrana Jalloh
Writer: Abraham Foday


Chief Moifoi's story

A young chief, Chief Moifoi, who was just appointed in one of the chiefdoms, is well-educated and understands how to best run the Agricultural Business Center (ABC) in his community. Mamako, chairperson of another ABC wants to follow the young chief’s example, but it’s difficult with Chief Mehemo constantly interrupting with his perspective on her work. He’s an older chief who believes that because of his status in the community, anything he says is final in the management of his Agricultural Business Center. She struggles to create the same democratic, hands-off process achieved by Chief Moifoi. Chief Moifoi’s community doesn’t require him the day-to-day management and he encourages them to expand the agriculture business. Mamako must overcome Chief Mehemo’s strong presence and put the Agricultural Business Center on the right path.

Issues this storyline addresses:

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