PMC is producing Kwishilya (“Over the Horizon”) in Zambia. This 156 episode radio show airs from January 2019 to July 2020 in Bemba, one of Zambia’s official languages.

Kwishilya releases 2 new episodes a week, with additional reruns for each new episode. It is airing on various community stations in the Muchinga, Luapoula, and Central Provinces. Bemba was selected as it is the most widely spoken and understood in the areas of broadcasting.

This show is meant to address adolescent reproductive health, education, child marriage, HIV/AIDS, family planning, and gender-based violence.

As with all PMC shows, Kwishilya was created using PMC’s methodology. 

Making a Difference

PMC started working in Zambia in 2018 as part of The Community Radio Program to Improve the Health of Women and Children. The three-year project included the production of two new unique radio shows and accompanying mass media campaigns. Supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the broadcasts encouraged behavior change around crucial health and social issues in five Zambian provinces. Kwishilya was broadcast in Muchinga, Luapula, Northern and Central Provinces and Siñalamba was broadcast in Western Province.


41.8% Zambians (aged 15-49 women and 15-59 men) in the target broadcast provinces (Central, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern) listened “weekly” to Kwishilya. This amounts to an estimated 659,440 weekly listeners.

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Using the estimated audience of 659,440 and the total program cost, the cost per regular listener for the entire drama is approximately $2.12 U.S.

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92.2% of Kwishilya listeners approve of couples using a method of family planning to delay or avoid pregnancy.

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79.8% of Kwishilya have discussed family planning with their spouse or partner in the past six months.

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Kwishilya listeners are 1.49 times more likely than non-listeners to use a family planning method.

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Kwishilya listeners were 1.58 times more likely than non-listeners to know the benefits of exclusively feeding infants younger than six months breast milk is that milk has all the nutrients.

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Kwishilya listeners were 1.22 times more likely to agree with the statement, “Girls should be encouraged to complete their secondary education or higher — even after childbirth.”

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Project Information

Title: Kwishilya (“Over the Horizon”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Zambia
Language: Bemba
Duration: January 2019 – July 2020 

Administrative Staff:
Country Representative: Charles Kalonga
Deputy Representative: Eric Chiyombwe
Financial Officer: Rabecca Sinyangwe
Marketing & Communications Officer: Mwaka Namwinga
Administrative Assistant: Natasha Mwansa
Moses Mapundu

Creative Staff:
Producer: Bridget Muvunda
Studio Technician: Patrick Chongo
Head Writer: Chengo Musakanya


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