Mai Sari Sunakhari

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By changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, Mai Sari Sunakhari ("Orchid, Like Me") helped to ensure that girls get to be girls instead of child brides. This nation-wide broadcast reached millions of listeners, young and old, to address entrenched gender norms, child marriage, inequity in education, and needed sexual and reproductive rights.
“I haven’t missed a single episode. It’s very real and feels like the people and places in my village.”
– Female Listener, Baitadi
“I have learned to say no and take a stand against child marriage in any situation.”
– Female Listener

Making A Difference

Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, with Girls Not Brides reporting 40% of Nepali girls being married before they are 18 years old. Acting together, PMC and like-minded partners have been addressing child marriage and related social issues with radio shows in Nepal, moving individuals and whole communities to rewrite these patriarchal and entrenched social norms.

Entertaining a More Equitable World

On Air to Deter Child Marriage

Growing up in Bhojpur, 15-year-old Ramila had seen girls as young as ten dropping out of school to be married. She might have become one of them, had it not been for her favorite radio star, Junimava.
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PMC produced Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”) in Nepal. This 208-episode radio show aired from April 2016 to April 2018 in Nepali, the official language of Nepal.

PMC partnered with the Antenna Foundation (AFN) to broadcast Mai Sari Sunakhari and another PMC radio show, Hilkor (“Ripples in the Water”), airing in the Maithili language. The Antenna Foundation has established itself as one of Nepal’s premier communication and production houses with a team of 50 professionals and a network that spreads across the most remote corners of Nepal. The broadcast network for Mai Sari Sunakhari and Hilkor included Radio Nepal, Kantipur FM, and 40 stations nationwide through Ujyaalo 90 Network.

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