Mai Sari Sunakhari


PMC produces Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”) in Nepal. This 208-episode radio serial drama will air from April 2016 to April 2018 in Nepali, the official language of Nepal.

PMC partnered with the Antenna Foundation (AFN) to broadcast Mai Sari Sunakhari and another PMC radio serial drama, Hilkor (“Ripples in the Water”), airing in the Maithili language. The Antenna Foundation has established itself as one of Nepal’s premier communication and production houses with a team of 50 professionals and a network that spreads across the most remote corners of Nepal. The broadcast network for Mai Sari Sunakhari and Hilkor includes Radio Nepal, Kantipur FM, and 40 stations nationwide through Ujyaalo 90 Network.

As with all PMC radio serial dramas, Mai Sari Sunakhari was created using PMC’s serial drama methodology.

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What does Mai Sari Sunakhari mean to Samikshya Chaudhari?

Making a Difference

It’s too early in broadcast to have any results, but PMC hopes that the robust media network combined with high profile support will work to create huge impact. Nepal has the third highest rate of early marriage in Asia. Former Nepali PresidentRam Baran Yadav, who was married at age 14, spoke at the drama launch about the importance of Mai Sari Sunakhari and ending early marriage. And Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal is the central element of the drama marketing.

Project Information

Title: Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”)
Format: Radio Serial Drama
Location: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Duration: April 2016 – April 2018

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PMC Country Administrative Team:
Country Representative: Rajan Parajuli
Technical Assistant: Binaya Adhikari
Finance Assistant: Ramesh Pokharel
Administrative Assistant: Dinesh Timilsena

PMC Country Creative Team:
Producer: JB Ruwali
Production Assistant: Basant Bhatta
Studio Technician: Binay Adhikari
Head Writer: Manisha Gauchan
Writers: Chandika Mainali, Jaya Ojha, Deepesh Paudel

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Junimava's Story

Junimaya, a schoolgirl, is able to resist the charms of Shukman until she finds herself lost after the death of her best friend. When she and Shukman are caught having sex, they decide to elope to escape the disapproval of the community. Pregnant and physically weak, Junimaya drops out of school and lives with Shukman’s parents who don’t support her or the marriage. Shukman continues to go out at night and have relationships with other girls. When she gives birth to a girl, Shukman’s parents’ are disappointed and she decides she must go home to live with her parents and try to resume her studies. Her father-in-law supports her decision to continue her education and he takes care of her blind son until she can finish school. Shukman is arrested by the police for cheating and attacking an exam superintendent when he was confronted about cheating. Junimaya successfully passes the exam securing good marks.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Rashmi's Story

Rashmi has been married to Ashok for five years and is constantly showing off the material goods she can buy with the money Ashok earns working in Qatar. When Ashok returns, there are many quarrels because she is only interested in his money and he suspects she’s having an affair. On his final night in town, they make up and make love, but when Rashmi tells him over the phone that she’s pregnant he once again doubts Rashmi’s faithfulness. Rashmi eats junk food throughout her pregnancy and begins to wean her baby early to non-nutritious foods at the advice of her neighbor. Soon, her son’s health begins to fail and she must look after her ailing mother-in-law and her ailing son. When Ashok returns, they must navigate their differences to rebuild trust, seek help to learn how to properly feed and care for their son, and start a local business together.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Hembe's Story

Hembe is a farmer who lives with his wife and two young daughters (two and five years old). His mother desperately wants a son and convinces Hembe to try again, but when his wife, Ram, gives birth to yet another girl, Hembe’s mother rejects her, makes her life difficult, and urges Hembe to take another wife. Hembe does throw his wife out, but his life becomes very difficult with only himself to raise the two older girls and tend to the farm. When he sees his mother lock his oldest daughter in the cow shed, he decides he must bring his wife back. As they rekindle their romance, Hembe’s mother convinces him that the only thing missing in their re-found relationship is another baby. Ram miscarries, is rushed to the hospital, and almost dies. The doctor tells Hembe that his wife was forced to have too many children too closely together and recommends family planning. Hembe and Ram decide not to have more children and adopt family planning.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Bhetwal's Story

Bhetwal is the general manager of a construction and supply company. With his wife mostly bedridden with illness for more than three years, Bhetwal hopes that his daughter will eventually follow in his footsteps, but she’s pursuing education to become an actress. A new assistance manager in the sales and marketing department, Upsana, seems to be a remarkable new addition to the company, but her colleague Trilochan continually sabotages her work and lies about her out of jealousy and because she refuses his advances. With tensions at home and at work, Bhetwal has an affair with a woman who runs a local restaurant. Trilochan beats her and forces her to extort money from Bhetwal to keep his secret from his family. Eventually, Bhetwal tells his wife about the affair and cuts off his daughter’s allowance and stops paying her school fees. When his wife dies, he is estranged from his family. Upsana helps Bhetwal repair the relationship with his daughter and Bhetwal realizes Upsana’s incredible aptitude at work. Trilochan is punished for manipulating money away from the company, Bhetwal gets to attend the premiere of his daughter’s third movie, and Upsana gets the credit she deserves for her business acumen. 

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