Mopani Junction


PMC acted as advisor to support the production Mopani Junction, a radio serial drama produced in Zimbabwe. PMC worked in 2001 to prepare for the drama launch in 2002 and it aired through June of 2004.

In 2001, PMC served as technical advisor to set the framework for the launch of a radio serial drama in Zimbabwe. PMC developed a detailed plan and budget for a short-term behavior change communications project, Mopani Junction, including identification of a project manager, producer, and writers in the major languages, Shona and Ndebele. PMC also identified production facilities.

PMC trains other organizations to use PMC's methodology and many elements of our process to create entertaining serial dramas that impact health and human rights issues.

Making a Difference

PMC supported the development and production of Mopani Junction to help address important social and health issues in Zimbabwe.

Project Information

Title: Technical Support for Mopani Junction
Format: PMC advised on this radio serial drama
Location: Zimbabwe
Language: PMC worked in English (Mopani Junction aired in Shona and Ndebele)
Duration: PMC’s work was in 2001 (Mopani Junction aired 2002-June 2004)

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