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In September of 2008, PMC launched the Population News Strategy to educate the American public on both international and domestic population challenges by initiating conversations on radio and TV talkshows and distributing editorial columns.

As part of this national issues advocacy strategy, PMC works with population experts to place them on radio and TV talkshows, as well as distribute editorial columns. The goal of the Population News Strategy is to help foster healthy dialogue in the United States about population and its impact on the environment.

In order to gauge national attitude towards the issues related to population, PMC worked with Roper Poll in 2008 to conduct a national survey that questioned 1,011 people ages 18 and over. The poll had some surprising results that highlight generational divides over this issue, including that young people (age 18–24) are ahead of their elders in recognizing the pressure population growth puts on the environment and resources.

As part of PMC’s issues advocacy, PMC tries to raise awareness about the impact of the world’s increasing population and how enhancing human health and human rights can provide the solutions, such as family planning and women’s right to education.

Making a Difference

As of November of 2013, PMC has arranged for a total of 710 shows, using over 50 experts. Total interview time has surpassed 316 hours, equating to nearly two full weeks’ worth of original content. Syndicated airtime has eclipsed 4,000 broadcast hours, equating to over 166 full days of population-related content on the American airwaves. Our shows have aired in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.

Since 2008, the program has also placed written articles on MSNBC.com, Treehugger.com, Ecosilly.com, Undernews.com, Examiner.com, GreenerOz, Ladies Home Journal, E: The Environmental Magazine, EcoSalon.com, Earth Island Journal, New York Times: Green Incorporated, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, MotherNatureNetwork.com, Vermont Woman and Grist.org. We have also been published by the Cagle Syndicated Column Service and in a variety of local newspapers, such as the Burlington Free Press (VT) and the Batesville Daily Guard (AR).


PMC has placed environmental and population experts on 710 shows throughout the United States.

(PMC Research)


Population News Strategy placements have resulted in more than 316 hours of unique content about population.

(PMC Research)


PMC has placed more than 50 experts on the air to discuss important issues.

(PMC Research)

Project Information

Title: Population News Strategy
Format: Issue Advocacy: Population
Location: United States
Language: English
Duration: September 2008 – current

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