Population Strategy Meeting

United States

From 2007 to 2011, PMC hosted five annual Population Strategy Meetings each October in Washington D.C. to bring together population and sustainability experts, scientists, and media practitioners.

The Population Strategy Meetings analyzed current and historical trends in population advocacy and related fields, such as family planning, reproductive health, global sustainability and environmental conservation. The purpose of the meetings was to offer the assembled world-class professionals opportunities for face-to-face networking and to jointly develop effective ways of both advocating around population issues and implanting on the ground interventions to slow and stop population growth.


Participants at these meetings included foreign envoys from places like Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Some people in attendance included:


As part of PMC’s issue advocacy, PMC provides opportunities for thoughtful discussion about the impact of the world’s increasing population and how individuals and organizations can best work to bring human health and human rights enhancing solutions to fruition.

From humble beginnings in 2007, where 35 people were in the room, the meeting grew to include nearly 80 influential leaders by 2011. The meetings had numerous outcome impacts over the years. One primary outcome was the creation of PMC’s Population News Strategy, which was built from the efforts of a year one working group to create a comprehensive set of talking points and facts about population.

Title: Population Strategy Meetings
Format: Issue Advocacy
Location: Washington DC, USA
Language: English
Duration: October 2007, October 2008, October 2009, October 2010, October 2011

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