Swaziland Government Workshop


PMC provided a PMC workshop to support the production of three TV serial dramas in Swaziland: Swazi View, Coca Cola What’s Up?, and the evening news. This 1.5-week workshop took place in Mbabane, Swaziland from October 14-15, 2002.

Early in 2002, the government of Swaziland approached PMC to provide a workshop for three television shows because they wanted to find a way to effectively address reproductive health issues, particularly the HIV/AIDS crisis, in Swaziland. PMC provided a workshop for the creative teams from the three shows in PMC’s methodology for serial dramas, which helped them learn how to use formative research, build and structure characters, and provided skills in technical production quality.

At this same time, Swaziland hired PMC to consult on a national HIV/AIDS strategy.

PMC provides trainings and workshops for others looking to implement serial dramas that impact health and social issues.

Making a Difference

Around the time the training workshops began, the Swaziland government had no communication strategy with regard to the HIV/AIDS crisis. The development of these programs came at a critical time for HIV/AIDS awareness and at a time when Swaziland was beginning to shift from government owned communications to private providers. This work helped set the foundation for 2003 when the Swaziland government created the National Emergency Response Committee on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA).

Swazi View was a news magazine program focused changing attitudes toward people with HIV/AIDS as well as prevention that created role models from members of the community. Coca Cola What’s Up? was a youth-oriented program that featured MTV-like music and opportunities for youth to talk about issues like HIV/AIDS.  The evening news was exactly that and needed to incorporate these issues into its coverage and stories.

Main Issues this Drama Addresses:

Rights of Women & Girls

All issues addressed by this drama:

Project Information

Title: PMC Workshop for Swazi View, Coca Cola What’s Up?, and the evening news
Format: PMC Workshop for TV production
Location: Mbabane, Swaziland
Duration: October 14-25, 2002

PMC Trainers
Kriss Barker, PMC Vice President of International Programs
Tom Kazungu, PMC Trainer, Kenya
Andrea Grayson


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