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Toma Mi Mano


PMC produced Toma Mi Mano ("Take My Hand") in Guatemala. This 156-episode radio show aired from March 2018 to September 2019 in Spanish, Guatemala's official language.

Toma Mi Mano aired on 51 radio stations in all 22 states (referred to as departments) in Guatemala. This nationwide broadcast has the potential to reach more than 3.4 million people. Visit Toma Mi Mano‘s website or Facebook page to listen to episodes as they are broadcast.

As part of Toma Mi Mano‘s Story Extensions, there were also two in-character Facebook pages for fans to interact with and see more about how the characters were thinking, feeling, and behaving. Fans could like their posts, reply to their posts, or send them a private message.

As with all PMC radio shows, Toma Mi Mano was created using PMC’s methodology for long-running entertainment that changes lives. PMC partnered with Lafábrica&jotabequ, subsidiary of GREY International in Guatemala, to promote and create the show.

Wendi Stein, Program Manager of PMC for Guatemala, said: “We are delighted with this alliance; the natural overlap in the previous work of La Fábrica, its understanding of the market and its talented team will contribute to a new radio program that will help to improve the lives of some of the people in most need in Guatemala.”

Toma Mi Mano

Making a Difference

It’s too early in the project to have results, but we conducted regular monitoring and evaluation activities during broadcast and we are conducting a nationally representative impact study post-broadcast.

Main Issues this Drama Addresses:

Project Information

Title: Toma Mi Mano (“Take My Hand”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Guatemala
Language: Spanish
Duration: March 2018-September 2019

Administrative Team:
Resident Representative: Natalia Cereser
Project Manager: Beatríz Nájera (lafabrica)
Creative Director:  Pablo Zuloaga
Production Director: Fernando Salgado
Media Director: Johanna Ramírez
Digital Director: Rodrigo Escriba
Digital Project Leader: Emilio Espinoza
Digital Creative Director: Estuardo Polanco
Digital Designer: Rogelio Obregón
Events Coordination: Monica Franco
Graphic Creative: Javier Diaz
Media Planner: Geovany Canel
Community Manager: Maria Fernanda Miranda


Creative Staff from FGER (Federación Guatemala de Escuela Radiofónicas):
Artistic Director: Danny  Molieri
Creative Director: Karin Coc Cuc
Publicist & Social Communicator: Paola Hernández
Producer: Edgar Palencia
Assistant Producer:  Ángela María García López
Studio Technician: Edino Quex
Audio Technician: Jorge Hernández
Writers: Ana Elisa Gudiel Jovel, Pablo Siguenza Ramírez, Ixmucané Ceto Morales, and Sergio Chen

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Issues this storyline addresses:

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