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PMC collaborated with Comunicarte, a social marketing organization out of Rio de Janeiro, from July 2006 through 2010 to track and monitor the inclusion of social and health themes in telenovelas airing on the most popular television network in Brazil, TV Globo.

PMC collaborated with Comunicarte to provide TV Globo with a detailed content analysis of how various social and health issues were incorporated into their programming to encourage TV Globo to include social messages. TV Globo’s programming reached 98 percent of Brazil.

One example was Páginas da Vida (“Pages of Life”), which aired on TV Globo from July 10, 2006 through March 3, 2007. This 203-chapter series exposed viewers to issues like family planning, reproductive health, and stigmatization of people with disabilities like Down Syndrome. The show aired six days per week (Monday through Saturday) in the one-hour prime-time slot of 9 p.m.

Making a Difference

Comunicarte’s research also looked across telenovelas to get an overall sense of accomplishment. In 2007, for example, TV Globo’s soap operas integrated 792 scenes dealing with reproductive health, small family size, gender relations, and related social and health issues. In 2006, a total of 915 scenes were incorporated into six prime-time programs. This work helped lead the Brazilian government to formally acknowledge the power of social merchandising, stating, “The telenovela is the strongest audiovisual tool of the country and can be used as a weapon to educate the current population. It is a source of information and entertainment.”

At the conclusion of Páginas da Vida, some of Comunicarte’s results included 36 percent of clients age 18-24 saying that scenes in Páginas da Vida served as a stimulus for them to seek a health service and:


60% of women interviewed watched Páginas da Vida on a regular basis.

(Monitoring Research)


65.4% of female viewers interviewed said they would be “more careful” to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

(Monitoring Research)


There was more than a 50% increase in knowledge among women interviewed with regard to various reproductive health issues such as: contraceptive methods, family planning, maternal health, maternity/paternity, unwanted pregnancy, adolescent pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS.

(Monitoring Research)

Project Information

Title: TV Globo Monitoring with Comunicarte
Format: Training & Advising
Location: Brazil
Language: English
Duration: 2006-2010

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