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PMC produced Umurage 2 ("Inheritance for a Better Future") in Rwanda. This 54-episode radio show aired from November 2018 through May 2019 and is currently rebroadcasting in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official languages.

Umurage 2 built and expanded on PMC’s popular Umurage that aired June 2017-June 2018. Umurage 2 aired two times a week, with an additional rebroadcast of the same episodes on the same week, on five different radio stations in Rwanda. It is also accessible through Youtube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. PMC worked with a team of local administrators to create a Rwandan NGO, Umurage Communication for Development (UmC), to oversee production and development of this radio show.

As with all PMC radio shows, Umurage 2 was created using PMC’s radio show methodology.

Making a Difference

Umurage 2 had a rate of over 71% listenership on different radio stations, with approximately 3.5 million loyal listeners.


Umurage 2 had a rate of over 71% listenership on different radio stations

(PMC research)

Project Information

Title: Umurage 2 (“Inheritance for a Better Future”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Rwanda
Language: Kinyarwanda
Duration: November 2018 – May 2019 

Make sure you check out Umurage 2 online for more information:
Facebook: @ikinamicoumurage
Twitter: @umuragedrama
Instagram: @ikinamico_umurage
YouTube: Ikinamico Umurage

Administrative Team:
Country representative: Jean Bosco Kwizera
Finance Assistant: Jean Claude Uwizeye
Administrative Assistant: Germaine Kayirangwa

Creative Team:
Producer: Theodore Nzeyimana
Studio Technician: Khaled Bizimana
Head Writer: Alfred Twahirwa
Writers: Laurance Ingabire, Terance Muhirwa, and Anaclet Bagirishya

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Gasake's Story

Gasake, a 40-year-old man, believes that you gain respect in the community by having a lot of children. Gasake and his wife have two children, but he wants to have more like his father did. His wife has no such desire; she believes they need to go to the hospital to talk about family planning and HIV/AIDS testing. Gasake is upset. Does his wife not trust him? They take some time apart. Eventually, Gasake returns to his wife, who takes him back happily because she has found a family planning method that makes her feel freer. Gasake tries to become more involved in the lives of his two children and becomes an advocate for family planning. Through his advocacy, Gasake gains the respect from the community he desires without needing to produce a multitude of children. 

Issues this storyline addresses:

Diane's Story

Diane is a 16-year-old girl whose education is inconsistent because of a turbulent family life. Her parents are divorced (after accusing each other of giving the other AIDS) and have abandoned her with little information about where they are. Diane starts to think about her future, so she gets a job in the city of Cyuza working for a woman who educates people about STDs and how to prevent and treat them. Although Diane is working in education about STDs, she still believes that HIV/AIDS isn’t that much of a problem anymore because of modern medicine. When Diane becomes pregnant, she starts to rethink her previous misconceptions. She starts to care about her own well-being as well as her unborn baby, gets tested for STDs, and begins to advocate and share her story with others about the importance of sexual protection. 

Rugwe's Story

Rugwe is a 38-year-old man who has returned to Nyarweya from the city with a machine that can assist in the production of juice and alcohol. He has a 16-year-old daughter in the area; however, as he has never lived with her mother, he has never taken part in raising his child or financially supporting her. This is influenced by his disappointment over never having fathered a son, despite many tries. When Rugwe and widower Kabanyana become involved, both are happy; however, Rugwe begins overloading her with tasks, selling her items, and becomes suspicious of her after a peer spreads rumors about her tells him Kabanyana’s a witch. Rugwe realizes his mistake when negative results from his actions pile up and Kabanyana finally leaves him. She agrees to reconcile with him once he proves his regret, and having learned how to treat women well, Rugwe also begins showing kindness to his daughter.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Teta's Story

Teta is a young, self-sufficient woman. She lives in the city with her sister, where they work hard to have a better life than they did growing up. Teta starts to fall in love with Koffi, a young man with a questionable past. Teta feels as though he is uncivilized and is a bit ashamed of their relationship at first, but their love blossoms and Teta ends up becoming pregnant. Terrified and unsure about what to do, Teta struggles to figure out how to prepare for a baby. With the help of her employers and friends, she begins to go to the doctor for regular checkups, but she believes they are useless unless the father is there as well. She convinces Koffi to be a part of this. They end up getting married and having a baby, and they are grateful for everyone who helped them prepare for a healthy and happy child.                                             


Issues this storyline addresses:

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