Violence Against Women Capacity Building & Mixed Media


From October 2010 through November 2011, PMC conducted a multi-media communication and capacity building project designed to address violence against women and female empowerment in Ethiopia.

The Violence Against Women project included:

  • Five capacity building training workshops
  • Production of leaflets
  • Production of posters
  • Production of TV and Radio spot messages
  • Publication of a book, Yenealem (My World).

The five workshops were to provide information and knowledge; they were divided across the following audiences:

  • Workshop One: Journalists and media practitioners to address violence against women openly in the media
  • Workshop Two: Women leaders from all religions to empower them to be change-makers
  • Workshop Three: Youth leaders from all regions to open discussions in families and schools openly
  • Workshop Four: Law enforcement from all regions to view violence against women as a social problem
  • Workshop Five: Senior writers from all regions to address violence against women openly

The leaflets, posters, TV spots, radio spots, and the book Yenealem (“My World”) all contributed to the Whole Society Strategy to raise awareness and discussions about violence against women. Yenealem included real-life stories about violence against women.

Change comes from within, which is why PMC addressed violence against women by empowering people within the community to become agents of change.

Making a Difference

All elements of the multi-media and capacity building project designed to address violence against women impacted audiences and empowered others to be agents of change. Some of the results of the journalist and media practitioner workshop included producing various TV and radio programs, ranging from free-standing 15-25 minute programs running continuously for weeks (the shortest had three episodes and the longest had 30 episodes) and others who incorporated messages or stories about violence against women into pre-existing social TV and radio programs. Another example comes from the youth workshop which resulted in youth using existing clubs to make their members aware about gender-based violence and the need for women’s empowerment. Some of the clubs used media to popularize these attitudes.


From October 2010 – November 2011, 150 people learned about violence against women to become agents of change.

(PMC Monitoring Research)


20 percent of those trained were women in leadership positions.

(PMC Monitoring Research)


Questionnaires to participants identified a pre-test score of 66.5 and post-test score of 82 percent for understanding the issues and participants gave the overall workshop excellent scores.

(PMC Monitoring Research)

Main Issues this Drama Addresses:

Rights of Women & Girls

All issues addressed by this drama:

Project Information

Title: Violence against Women
Format: Multi-media communication and capacity building project
Location: Ethiopia
Duration: October 2010 – November 2011

PMC Country Staff:
Country Representative: Dr. Negussie Teffera


This project funded by

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