Thank You!

Thank you for your donation to Population Media Center – and your interest in volunteering with our Ambassador Program! You can expect to be contacted by Ms. Bria Holness, PMC’s Donor Engagement Officer, within two business days. She will be happy to discuss your interests around the Ambassador Program. Meanwhile, please see the following overview.

What is the Ambassadors Program?

The Ambassador Program is for anyone with the passion, talent, or treasure to roll up their sleeves and help us do this critical work. Ambassadors are volunteers who connect PMC to anyone concerned with planetary sustainability and global women’s rights. If you’re ready to be an Ambassador, please sign up below.

Some things Ambassadors do:

  • Host or co-host house parties
  • Organize school or work discussions
  • Find event venues
  • Procure in-kind event donations
  • Introduce PMC to friends and contacts
  • Use their special talent to support PMC

Learn more

Interested in learning more about Population Media Center’s global impact? Find more information, here.


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