Gender Equality


Despite representing half of the global population, women comprise about 20% of the world's legislators.

(Millennium Development Goals Report)

Promoting gender equality is at the heart of PMC’s work. How well a society treats its women is one of the strongest indicators of the success and health of a society. By providing girls with an education, ensuring women have a voice in family decisions, and providing women with opportunities for economic freedom, we will build stronger future generations. Discrimination against women and girls occurs in many forms through gender-based violence, economic discrimination, reproductive health inequities, and harmful traditional practices.

As a result of PMC’s drama, Yeken Kignit (“Looking Over One’s Daily Life”), researchers saw a 34.7 percentage point increase among men and 13.1 percentage point increase among women in the belief that women are fit to hold public office.  Similarly, Cesiri Tono (“Fruits of Perserverance”), a drama that has aired in multiple countries including, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Mali, has shown results that in Mali, listeners’ belief that it is acceptable for women to work outside of the home was 53 percent higher than it was before the broadcast.

Projects addressing this topic: