Climate Change & Mitigation


Surface ocean acidity has increased by 30 percent since the start of the Industrial Revolution.


While the Earth’s climate has changed throughout history, we’ve seen rapid change in recent years, frequently associated with human development — and many results of this change are having harmful impacts on human health and the environment worldwide.

By 2016, the planet’s average temperature had risen approxmately 1.62°F (0.9°C) since the late 19th century. Our oceans are warming, our glaciers are retreating, and our ice caps are melting. Many scientists have raised concerns about “tipping points” — points where we may exceed our ability to solve our current environmental crises if we do not change our impact on the earth — with some predicting that the next tipping point could come as early as 2020.

PMC’s radio show Elembo (“Footprint”) helped to encourage positive behaviors around environmental protection and development among Congolese communities. Listeners of Elembo were 2.4 times more likely than non-listeners to say “Deforestation” when asked “In your opinion, what are the causes of environmental degradation?”

Projects addressing this topic: