Reproductive Health

289,000 women

died from pregnancy or childbirth causes in 2013.

(World Health Organization)

Reproductive health is an essential element of men and women’s overall health. It allows people to have a safe and satisfying sex life. Included in reproductive health is correct information, understanding, and access to information about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, contraception, and childbearing.

Men and women should be able to protect themselves and their families, making responsible and informed choices about sexual partners and choosing if and when to have children. Unfortunately, lack of reproductive health remains the leading cause of health problems and deaths among women of reproductive ages. In 2013, 289,000 women died from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes.

PMC has seen tremendous results among listeners to dramas addressing reproductive health issues in various countries. PMC’s radio drama Gugar Goge (“Tell It To Me Straight”) in Nigeria resulted in 96 percent of female listeners knowing where they could get condoms compared to 64.4 percent of non-listeners. In Ethiopia, 63 percent of new clients seeking reproductive health services at 48 clinics reported they were listening to PMC’s Dhimbibba (“Getting The Best Out of Life”) or Yeken Kignit (“Looking Over One’s Daily Life”) radio serial dramas.

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