We create entertainment that changes lives.

PMC builds a sustainable planet with equal rights for all by creating hit entertainment that changes lives. We work on critical issues like reproductive health, girls’ education, and environmental sustainability. PMC has impacted more than 500 million people in more than 50 countries around the world.

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Why our work is important

In order to address big problems like climate change and gender equality we are going to need massive shifts in behavior. PMC works in the interconnected areas of women's rights, population, and environmental protection.

What's New

Population Media Center is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to entertaining huge audiences with compelling and life-changing stories. Here's a sampling of PMC news.

Mural of Zoukoutap logo, radio stations, and social media sitesMural of Zoukoutap logo, radio stations, and social media sites

January 21, 2020

In the Face of Conflict, Shows Go On

January 21, 2020 — Much has been written about escapism – those moments when we turn to something to take our minds off things that seem scary, overwhelming, sad, or difficult. And of course, movies, stories, TV, and games are common escapist tools. And, they’re good for us...

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Burundian drummers playing drums on their headsBurundian drummers playing drums on their heads

January 2, 2020

Hit Radio Show Brings Family Planning, Gender Equality Information to Nearly 2 Million People

January 2, 2020 — Following the sweeping popularity of the first season of Agashi (“Hey! Look Again!”), PMC launched a second season to widespread acclaim in Burundi. With 208 episodes, Agashi 2 addressed a number of key themes including reproductive health, gender equality, family planning, hygiene, and nutrition. And...

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