Barbara Pyle

Documentary film maker and media consultant. As the co-creator and producer of the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Barbara is responsible for helping shape the world view of a generation. Working in partnership with now adult Planeteers, they are organizing a Global Planeteer Movement. Their website launched in 2010 on Captain Planet’s 20th Anniversary and already has traffic from 127 countries speaking 76 different languages. Their Planeteer fan page has well over 400,000 members on Facebook. Barbara Pyle specializes in using media for social change and was the pioneer of television content on population and environmentally sustainable development worldwide. As Corporate Vice President of Environmental Policy for the Turner Broadcasting System, she was not only in charge of Environmental Programming but also launched the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and initiated all environmental infrastructures and policies. She produced almost 60 films covering a wide range of global issues earning over 200 industry awards, many Emmy nominations and numerous personal awards. In 1997, Barbara was chosen for the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sasakawa Prize for lifetime achievement. Her recent awards include recognition from the Federation of American Scientists, Caribbean Media Exchange, and Artivist for using art for activism. She has also served on numerous boards. Barbara’s premier documentary in her People Count Series highlighted population issues and the empowerment of women. It featured the social-content soap opera produced by Cecile Alvarez in the Philippines and was broadcast worldwide during the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development in 1994.