George Orbelian

George Orbelian is a lifelong motorcyclist, with expertise in both building competition motorcycles and experience in racing motorcycles; masters swimmer; lifelong surfer, former Surfboard Design Editor for SURFER Magazine and author of Essential Surfing; real estate owner and manager (Orbelian Holdings, L.P.); and environmentalist (Co-founder or Project Kaisei, which funded Scripps Institution of Oceanography SEAPLEX research and received Google Earth Hero recognition ( He is a technology entrepreneur (lead investor in Ojingo Labs, Inc. and is a member of the board of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, the Walter Munk Foundation of the Oceans, and the San Francisco State University School of International Business. He is an advisor to Planet Positive Ventures and Bay.Org and an advocate for disaster preparedness and community resilience. George is interested in identifying and sharing comprehensive solutions that will allow humanity to regenerate the ecosystems that sustain all life on this planet and integrating those solutions into resilient communities that incorporate lessons learned in his decades of experience with emergency preparedness.