Jonathan Stack

Jonathan Stack is an Emmy Award-winning and two-time Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker. In 1991, he founded GABRIEL FILMS and has since gone on to produce over fifty films for dozens of cable channels in the US and many television partners abroad. He has released several films theatrically and shown his work at many of the major festivals, including Sundance, where he won the Grand Jury Prize in 1998.

While working as an independent filmmaker, Stack has earned a reputation for his unique ability to gain access into forbidden worlds. His exclusives include President Charles Taylor’s farewell speech to the nation of Liberia, a year in the presidency of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and a rare interview with David Miscaivage, head of the Church of Scientology. He has documented life inside Louisiana’s notorious Angola Prison for over 15 years, traveled with militias in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and filmed in Harlem during the height of the crack addiction plight.

In 2013, committed to combining traditional storytelling with cutting interactive media tools, he founded World Vasectomy Day to inspire men worldwide to join in one of the most important decisions of our lives. Today, with over 1200 providers in 50+ countries, it is the largest male focused family planning movement in the world.