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Radio Show
At scale and by popular demand, Kwishilya ("Over the Horizon") provides more people more power to change their lives and communities for the better — especially women and girls. The first season of Kwishilya reached an estimated 659,440 weekly listeners, enabling more women to plan their families and allowing more girls to walk into the classroom. Kwishilya lays the groundwork for planet-positive behavior changes.
“Together, our goal is to reach a greater number of women and children with important messages to improve their overall quality of life.”
– Patric Diskin,
USAID/Zambia Mission Director
“Listening to the show together made it easier to have a conversation about using modern forms of family planning.”
– Agness,
Female Listener

Making a Difference

In a region where over 80% of girls do not finish secondary school, Kwishilya combined behavior theory and media industry insight to drive cultural change and improve the lives of women and families. The impact of Kwishilya season one was undeniable, creating an opportunity for a sequel with familiar characters and similar social issues at the center of the broadcast.

Meet Agness and Bupe

Agness convinced Bupe to listen to Kwishilya together, setting the scene for critical conversations in their marriage.
Hear Their Story

Acting together, PMC and The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) developed Kwishilya for USAID/Zambia’s Community Radio Program.

The first season of Kwishilya ran 156 episodes from January 2019 to July 2020 in Bemba, one of Zambia’s official languages. The sequel extends programming, broadcasting in five provinces (Central, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, and Western) and 50 districts with an additional 156 episodes from May 2021 through October 2022.

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