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PMC has created TV and radio shows in over 50 countries globally. Our focus is on encouraging positive behaviors and beliefs around population stabilization, the rights of women & girls, and environmental protections. But this is not an effort we accomplish alone! Every day, the support of volunteers, donors, and engaged followers around the world help us come closer to achieving our vision: a sustainable planet with equal rights for all.

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"[With PMC] I feel I am doing something larger than what I could do on my own."


"I am really thankful to your community and to everyone involved in this scholarship contest. I learned a lot from this and I am sure [I] will remember every single information that I have grasped. Cheers to more years of helping other people and inviting the world to know about your cause!"

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Social norm change.
Individual behavior change.
At scale demand generation.

PMC’s reproducible formula for creating hit entertainment works across people, places, and media environments and it’s designed to respond to multiple social, health, and environmental challenges. We engage audiences, introduce ideas, and empower people to make better-informed decisions.


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