Split image. On the left, a man one a mopen wearing a bright yellow vest promoting Maisha Pakatcha. On the right, A woman standing outside wears a apron promoting Maisha Pakatcha.
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Maisha Pakacha: A Fan Favorite 

Jul 02, 2021

Humans have always told stories as a way to understand, share, and shift beliefs and actions. In Kenya, Population Media Center (PMC) is locally producing two radio shows, Isbadalka Maalmaha (“Changing Days”) and Maisha Pakacha (“Life is a Carrier Bag”), as part of UNFPA/UNICEF’s Joint Programme on the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation.

Acting together with partner organizations, PMC is rewriting the script on harmful practices like gender-based violence and female genital mutilation in Kenya – and our transformative storytelling is getting the attention of influential figures.

Magistrate of Kehancha Law Courts, Honorable Anne Karimi recently mentioned Maisha Pakacha while managing a court case. She encouraged residents to listen to the show as a way to denounce violence against women and children and guide community members to vital health and human rights resources. In June, PMC-Kenya had the chance to bring Honorable Anne Karimi in the studio as a guest on a monthly interactive radio call-in show. In the link below, we have a minute-long audio recording of Honorable Anne Karimi sharing her thoughts on Maisha Pakacha and why she promotes the show within her community.

Honorable Ann Karimi on Maisha Pakacha